Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers. Please write to for further queries.

Can I start working right away?

No, you CANNOT start work until all the necessary HR paperwork and process is complete and you are cleared by the Student Employment Office. Your Supervisor(s)/ College HR Representative(s) will receive a “Student Employee Checklist” from us notifying them that you may start working.

Do I need to show any documents for employment?

Yes, like all other employees at the University, you must show the appropriate employment documents. By law, you must bring in original (no copies!) I9 documentation for Employment Eligibility Verification.

What are the requirements as a student employee?

You must be registered for and maintain a minimum of 6 credit hours. Certain exceptions are made if you are a graduating senior who only needs less than 6 credit hours or if you have financial, emotional, or physical hardships. This request is made through the Civil Service System. Please contact the Student Employment Office for details.

I worked over 8 hours, am I entitled for overtime?

Yes, by law, student employees are entitled to overtime if they work over 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in one week.

Am I entitled for paid lunches and breaks?

If a student works more than 5 hours continuously, they can be given an unpaid lunch.

Am I entitled to paid vacation or jury leave?

No. You are paid on an hourly basis for time worked.

Why am I being charged FICA?

When you, a student, are not registered for 6 hours or more credit hours, FICA taxes will be automatically deducted. This usually occurs during the summer time when a student is not enrolled for classes.