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National Student Employment Week (NSEW)

Every year, the National Student Employment Association (NSEA) declares the second full week in April to be National Student Employment Week (NSEW). It was established to increase public awareness and to recognize students who work while attending college. It’s our chance to thank UIC student employees for their hard work and dedication! In 2024, it will be held April 8th-12th, 2024. For the past thirty-one years, in conjunction with NSEA, UIC has celebrated National Student Employment Week.

2024 Student Employee of the Year Heading link

“Ana’s creativity and can-do spirit has allowed her to develop and create unique programs that raise students’ awareness of the center and its offerings to the campus. With guidance from the center’s staff, Ana curated in-depth discussions about various issues that affect student wellbeing, from the impact of social media on students’ mental health to the role of video games in students’ self-identity. Because of both her tech savvy and her deep understanding of how feminist ideas can be translated to students, Ana is responsible for social media engagement for the center. This is a huge responsibility for a student, and yet she takes it on with ease and enthusiasm. Assigning her this role was one of the best decisions we could have made as a center. Her thoughtful and entertaining posts have won many viewers and ultimately new participants and audience members in our virtual and in-person programs. I note that Ana has never shied away from any responsibility that she has been assigned; indeed, she volunteers to do more than her fair share and, as a result, has put herself in the position to learn many skills related to running a unit or an organization. Ana is a true leader; we are proud that her job as program assistant for the center has also given her a platform to express her ideas while bringing in new audiences and partnerships to the center. Her maturity, sense of commitment to the expansive nature of the work that the center does, and her professionalism makes Ana simply the best and most innovative student employee that the center has had in the past seven years. I am happy to talk more about her work, her accomplishments and her can-do spirit, but I know that words are not enough to express the way that Ana has played a significant role in changing how the center works with students, and how students engage with the center through its program. Such work deserves the highest recognition by the university for the quality of output and leadership that she demonstrates everyday when she shows up to work at WLRC.”

– Natalie Bennett, Director, Women’s Leadership and Resource Center and Campus Advocacy Network

“In her role, Ana primarily focuses on managing WLRC’s social media accounts. This includes developing a content calendar and creative ways to promote the center’s events and opportunities. She also builds relationships with and curates content from campus and community partners. At a higher level, her work involves understanding and personalizing content for the significantly different audiences we have on each platform the center uses (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter/X). She has demonstrated particular skill and ingenuity in the ways she uses Instagram to engage with our student audience. She continues to implement new tools and ideas and has considerably increased the number of followers and the rates of engagement on that account, which has directly translated into more engagement with the center’s programs, both when they were virtual and now when they are in-person/hybrid. Beyond her social media work, Ana has been an invaluable team member in many facets of the center’s operations. She thrives in the office environment, providing excellent customer service to all our visitors and clients and serving as an outspoken ambassador for the center. She’s great at coming up with new ideas for outreach and promotion and talks about the center with all her classmates and professors. She even secured an invitation to speak to a faculty meeting about some of WLRC’s faculty-focused programs. These are all things Ana has taken the initiative to make happen herself, without prompting from me—and they are all things that have directly contributed to the center’s success. I am continually impressed with her thirst for learning, her commitment to feminism and social justice, and the way she anticipates the center’s needs and takes initiative.”

– Ramona Gupta, Associate Director, Women’s Leadership and Resource Center

“Ana infuses our space with camaraderie and joy, from sharing memes and passing out delightful valentines to celebrating her colleagues for their successes. She is the first person to recognize someone for a good idea or engaging program, and her affirmation is motivating to both students and professional staff. She is quick to offer a helping hand and frequently volunteers to support a program or staff a table during outreach efforts. Though I am not Ana’s direct supervisor, she never hesitates to support me with event promotion, craft innovative social media posts for CAN, offer feedback, or just check in to see if I need anything. I have also watched her emerge as a leader with new students, especially new student workers. She welcomes her colleagues genuinely and serves as a mentor, improving our community and advancing our mission. I was particularly appreciative of how she has included incoming interns in our team this year, helping them settle into our center and getting them excited about our work. While Ana steps back to ensure that others shine, she is also an innovative, independent thinker in her own right. She asks critical questions, provides thoughtful suggestions, and has developed creative social media campaigns and other outreach activities. She has co-led a “Candy & Condoms” tabling event for the past two years and co-chaired UIC’s 2023 LatinX Heritage Month. I feel lucky to have worked with Ana Pascual De La Trinidad over the past two years. Her dedication to justice, social change, laughter, and radical inclusion have made our center better…”

– Kelly Birch Maginot , Assistant Director of Advocacy Services, Campus Advocacy Network

Ana Pascual de la Trinidad, Communication/Program Assistant, Women's Leadership and Resource Center

Ana Pascual de la Trinidad

Communication/Program Assistant, Women’s Leadership and Resource Center

2024 Supervisor of the Year Heading link

“He has served as an outstanding personal mentor, offering invaluable advice on resumes & professional development, providing numerous letters of recommendation, and extending genuine support via our scheduled Zoom meetings during difficult times, such as my leave of absence last year. His guidance has been instrumental in my academic and personal growth.

In addition to his mentorship, Dr. Alonso’s role as the faculty advisor of Engineers for a Sustainable World and coordinator of all engineering student organizations at UIC showcases his commitment to student engagement and development. He goes above and beyond to foster communication and collaboration among engineering student groups, encouraging open and honest discussions through his weekly office hours, which can be scheduled from his website at He also organized fun events like the Engineering Olympics.

Moreover, as the supervisor of the Engineering Learning Center, Dr. Alonso uses Discord to provide prompt feedback and assistance. His seamless integration with student employees within the app exemplifies his willingness to meet us where we are and highlights his exceptional leadership and support.”

–  Kemuel J. Roberts, Student Employee

Matthew P. Alonso, Director of the Engineering Learning Center and Student Success  Clinical Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering

Matthew P. Alonso

Director of the Engineering Learning Center and Student Success Clinical Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering

Student Employee of the Year Heading link

Departments can nominate student employees based on their exceptional work performance.

Nomination letters must have an attached nomination form along with a letter of support.

Nomination Criteria for Student Employee of the Year

  • Overall excellence in all aspects of work performance and position responsibilities.
  •  Overall service orientation that is consistently responsive.
  •  Currently enrolled at the University of Illinois at Chicago for at least six (6) credit hours.
  •  Working as a student employee (e-class SA) for the current department for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Employee’s unique contribution to their hiring unit (i.e. quality of work, quantity of work, initiative, creative/originality, ability to meet challenges, impact on unit or department).

Deadline: Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 by 5:00pm via (Subject Header: SEOTY 2024).

Supervisor of the Year Heading link

Student Employees can nominate their department supervisor based on their excellent mentorship and leadership performance.

Nomination letters must have an attached nomination form along with a paragraph of support.

Nomination Criteria for Supervisor of the Year

  • Must be an active 100% FTE Supervisor at UIC that hires under Student Employment (e-class SA)
  • Provides mentorship and training to students to enhance professional development
  • Enhances student employee’s skill development
  • Supervisor has excellent communication with student employee and provides feedback/assistance with work performance
  • Provides an understanding of being a student and student employee

Deadline: Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 by 5:00pm via (Subject Header: SUPER 2024)

Ways to Celebrate Your Student Employees Heading link

  • Create recognition posts on social media using #UICNSEW2024 and #NSEW2024
  • Write thank you letters
  • Dedicate a portion of your department newsletter, website or staff meeting to recognition of students
  • Throw a pizza party luncheon
  • Create a “Compliment Jar” filled with notes from staff members expressing their gratitude
  • Distribute “Work/Life Balance” gift bags (notebooks, pens, tea, relaxation tips, etc.)
  • Host a team gathering to learn more about each student employee
  • Create awards showcasing each student employees unique characteristics

Career Development Webinars

Share your Student Employee Highlights! Heading link

Write a highlight from your student employee experience and grab an appreciation candy bag! Submissions will be shared on our social media and included in our National Student Employee Week office board.

Monday, April 8, 2024         12:00PM-2:00PM CST         SCE Tower, White Oak Room

For more information and to register, visit Handshake:

Guide to On-Campus Employment Heading link

Learn how to navigate Handshake and search for employment on-campus. We will review FAQs for on-campus opportunities and share tips to enhance your job search!

Wednesday, April 10, 2024      2:00PM-3:00PM CST     SCE Tower, Room 613

For more information and to register, visit Handshake:

How to Identify Your Skills! Heading link

Need help identifying skills to include in your resume? Learn how to identify your skills and apply them throughout your resume.


Friday, April 12, 2024     1:00PM-2:00PM CST   SCE Tower, Room 613

For more information and to register, visit Handshake: