Student Employment Hiring Procedures

    1. The hiring department must choose the appropriate title from our Job Descriptions. On our website you will also find information regarding the Student Employment Wage Plan.
    2. The hiring unit posts the position on Handshake.
    3. The hiring department must ensure that they have an active position number for the position title. Please note that all student employee positions are “pooled positions”.(In the event that the hiring department does not have an active position number for the particular title, the hiring department must submit a New Student Employee Position Number Creation Form.)
    4. The hiring department must interview and select a student employee.
    5. Once they select a student employee, the hiring department (and NOT the student employee) must complete and provide a Student Employee Requisition Form (MUST BE TYPED) to the student employee in order to initiate the HR process with Student Employment.
    6. The potential student employee hire must then physically come into the Student Employment Office, SSB, 2100, Monday-Friday, 12pm-4pm, to complete the entire NEWHIRE process.
      The student employee will need to bring in the following to Student Employment:

      1. Student Employment Requisition Form
      2. Original I9 Documentation (No copies or unexpired)
      3. Direct Deposit Information (e.g. Bank Account)

As an employer we must give the student employee the option to present acceptable documentation of their choice to bring the form I9 into compliance. You must provide the student employee with the opportunity to choose a document from the list of acceptable documents.

Please note that the entire NEWHIRE process can take a student 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete in its entirety in our office. Some students don’t have time to complete the entire process the same day so therefore they are put on HOLD until they return back to our office and finish completion. If this occurs, they are provided a HOLD SLIP. Feel free to ask for a copy of it to know what they are on hold for and encourage them to come back in to finish completion.

  1. Upon completion of the required HR process, Student Employment will then send the HR Submitter a "Student Employee Clearance" notice from us via email notifying them that the student employee may start working. This communication will indicate that the employee has been cleared to begin working (Please note: The student CANNOT start work until all the necessary HR transactional on-boarding and paperwork process is complete and the student is cleared by the Student Employment Office).
  2. Lastly, the hiring department must add the position in HR Front End and route accordingly for our office to apply the transaction. We process HR Front End transactions in the order they are received.

Additional information regarding the process previously outlined can be found on our website under the Department Handbook. Please ensure that the potential student employee meets the basic qualification(s) for the position title and the salary you wish to hire them for.