Take The First Step! How to Search for On Campus Jobs

Money Talks: Bear Down on Investing

Virtual Job Search Webinar

Money Talks: Beach Bod? Budget Bod!

Resume and Cover Letter Webinar

On-Campus Jobs and Experiential Learning Panel

HR Basics for Student Employees: My UI Info

HR Basics for Student Employees: I-9

HR Basics for Student Employees: UI New Hire

Virtual Fair on Handshake Webinar

Transferable Skills: You Got Them

Your Rights As A Student Employee

HR Basics for Student Employees

Intro to Resume Writing

The Benefits of Working On Campus

Student Employment and Federal Work Study (Webinar)

Looking For An On-Campus Job? Meet Handshake!

Introduction to UIC Student Employment

B.E.S.T (Basic Employment Student Training)

Please find below a list of Employment Form Links as mentioned in the video:

Making the Most of Your On-Campus Job

4/29/2020 Live Chat Q&A

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