We are a centralized service that offers assistance to UIC students, departments and off-campus employers. Such employment not only provides students with a means of earning money, it also provides students an opportunity to develop new skills and positive work habits which will ensure professional success. Students are expected to consistently execute job responsibilities in a satisfactory manner. In addition, we sponsor various job fairs throughout the year and a series of career development workshops.


Our mission is to enhance student learning and meet departmental student employment needs by providing meaningful work experiences.

Interview Essentials Workshop

The interview is an exchange of information between an employer and a potential employee.  Employers use the interview to determine whether or not a potential employee is qualified for their open position and would be a good fit for the company.  You, the potential employee, should view the interview not only as an opportunity to impress the potential employer, but also to gather information about the position and the company in order to evaluate whether or not to accept an offer. Learn about preparing for an interview and about the different types of interviews.  No Pre-Registration Required!  Win $Raffle Prizes$ from Student Employment as well.

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