Meet the 2018 Student Employee of the Year

Employee of the year

2018 Student Employee of the Year

George Rico Juarez, Student Affairs Technology

"From day one, we knew George was special. Every day, he would ask us questions about all things technology and IT. He learned quickly. He would digest the answer, understand the big picture, and ask us more challenging questions. Not only did these conversations help him develop, they also taught us more and made us grow as a department…He transformed our inventory system by ensuring devices loaned out were always up to date and charged…He would look at our asset management tool Lansweeper and would notice abnormalities…No one asked him to do this, he believed these things would help Student Affairs and make the environment better… The work George performs qualifies him to be an SCCM Engineer outside of UIC…As he developed, Student Affairs Technology benefitted by maturing our environment which then benefitted Student Affairs…He does so much for our department without us asking and is genuinely a good person….In our eyes, he is beyond an all-star but the cog that unifies the spokes of the always spinning wheel of Student Affairs Technology. [George] is not afraid to ask tough questions to SA technology staff on the development and implementation of new technologies as we encounter them. Because of this, we are better prepared to make better use of newer technology as it develops…He can easily step in and manage the helpdesk in absence of full time staff and often helps in the training of fellow student employees in the department…I feel that George is an extremely talented person, one who would fit the model of an employee of Student Affairs for many years to come."