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UIC Student Employment Office
Student Services Building,
Suite 2100
1200 West Harrison Street
(M/C 335)
Chicago, Illinois 60607-3344
Phone: (312) 996-3130
Fax: (312) 413-7944


M-F : 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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General Information

Welcome to the Student Temporary Services (STS) Program within the University of Illinois at Chicago Student Employment Office. As you may know, the process of hiring students for short-term and long-term work can be a bit stressful. This is why the STS Program is a great option in assisting UIC departments with hiring students for short-term and long-term work assignments. The goal of the STS program is to link prospective UIC students with on-campus departments looking to hire Student workers.

How does the Student Temporary Services Work?

Students join the STS program by filling out an online application. Prospective Student employees meet with the program coordinator to discuss prior work history, communication skills, education goals, and availability. The information gathered is used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and what positions their skills can be best utilized. In essence, potential Student employees are pre-screened before they are placed on a job assignment. There is a diverse pool of students available for jobs with various backgrounds and experience including:

  • Programming Assistant/ Software System Aide
  • General Office Aide/ Customer Service/ Receptionist
  • Accounting Assistant/ Calculations Aide
  • Laboratory Aide/ Assistant Researcher/ Lab Attendant
  • Data Entry/ Statistical Aide
  • Editorial Aide
  • Student Laborer and more…

Benefits of Hiring Students Through the Student Temporary Services

One of the most beneficial components of the STS program is that we complete the HR paperwork from start to finish and process bi-weekly payroll for the Student employee. All you will need to do is sign the contract that will be provided by the Student employee on the first day of work. The hourly pay for these positions start at $8.68 an hour. Please note that there is a 10% service fee added to the hourly rate for the use of this service. Below are a few questions and answers that may help determine if the STS Program can work for your hiring needs.

How long does a temporary position have to last?

This is really up to the hiring department. A temporary position can last anywhere from one-day to all the way up until the Student graduates. It really depends on how long you need the student to work.

Can I hire Graduate Students?

Yes, you can hire Graduate Level Students and the hourly pay-rate is the same as Undergraduates, depending on the position. Since the STS Program is part of the Student Employment Office, we do not offer Graduate Assistantships or Graduate Hourly pay to employees hired through the STS Program.

How soon should I put in a job order if I need a student?

The sooner the order is placed, the better especially when requesting a Student for specialized job assignments. Please know that we want to find the best candidate possible. Keep in mind that the student will need time to complete the mandatory University new-hire paperwork before the Student is able to start working.

Can I interview students that are available and then decide who I would like to hire?

Yes, you can interview available STS students before making a decision on who you would like to hire, or you can do what is called “go direct,” in which, we can send a student based upon your requested qualifications for the position. The benefit of the STS Program is to make the hiring process easy for departments, therefore, please keep in mind that all students are pre-screened and interviewed by us before they are sent on assignment to insure they meet the requirements of the position.

Once the department agrees to hire a Student, we schedule the student to complete the new-hire paperwork that is required by the University, then contact the hiring department when the Student has been cleared and is ready to start working. The hiring department does NOT create requisition forms for students that are hired through the STS Program. We will complete the hiring process from start to finish for the Student employee.

What if I already have a Student in mind that I would like to hire? Can I still hire them through the STS Program as a temporary Student employee?

Yes, if you already have a student that you would like to hire, you can still hire them as a temporary Student worker through the STS Program as long as they are a UIC Student. We will still complete the hiring process for you and manage the students’ HR paperwork and processing.

How do I place a job order to request a Student employee through the STS Program?

  1. Please click here
  2. Follow the steps to complete the job order and click “submit STS order” (located at the bottom)

You will receive a phone call within 24 business hours to confirm receipt of the job order.

If you have any further questions about the Student Temporary Services Program, please call 312-996-3130 or send an email to Studentjobs@uic.edu and please put “Question Regarding Hiring STS Student” in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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