This section contains rules, regulations and student employment outlines as well as training tools, job order forms, student employment forms, news and other pertinent information.

STS Program

Welcome to Student Temporary Services. The Student Temporary Services (STS) Program is a Student centered, on-campus temporary job staffing program that is part of the Student Employment Office.  The STS Program is geared toward students who are interested in short-term and long-term on-campus job opportunities. Advantages of the program include flexible work schedules and on-campus job experience.

Job Description

Jobs descriptions of UIC positions in detail

Hiring Procedures

Hiring details for hiring students differ from local or international students, make sure that you have the right info needed.

Student Wage Plan

UIC uses a Group (I, II, III, IV, V) and Pay Step (A, B, C, D) Wage Plan for student employees according to job descriptions. Jobs are classified by the skills needed and the level of responsibility required.  Departments should only choose from the list of available job descriptions to advertise a student employment position.


Forms for recruiting, campus hiring, student payroll, and misc that could be needed